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Innovation Dream Director

About The Future Project
The Future Project exists so that every young person on the planet can build a life and world they love. To bring this vision to life, our passionate team came together, in partnership with some of the most visionary educators, leaders, and young people in America. Together we built an innovative service for schools, a diverse national community, and what has become one of the fastest-growing non-profit (or, as we like to say, for-people) education organizations in the country.

Over the past five years, we invented a new role in schools—a transformational leader and coach called a Dream Director, who works with principals, staff, and, above all, students to dream up and build “Future Projects” that transform school culture while building critical mindsets and skill sets in students. Our Dream Directors now serve more than 35,000 students across a dozen communities from coast to coast.

We are currently seeking to hire an Innovation Dream Director (“DDi”).  DDis are a team of Dream Directors from several cities who have an additional focus of helping to build, design, implement, and test the next evolution of our full-time Dream director model, designed to significantly scale our reach within a school.  DDi’s fulfill the core responsibilities of a standard Dream Director, while also supporting the design, development, testing and rollout of new TFP tools, products and services.  

We are looking for an Innovation Dream Director to join our team and be a collaborative partner with the existing DDi at Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk, CT.  Starting in late March/early April 2018.

Core Accountabilities
Program Delivery

  • DDis are responsible for conducting “Possibility Audit” listening tours in their school to identify opportunities for programming and partnership with students and school leadership.  The information gathered will help a DDi design school goals and initiatives that support both the needs of the school and the learning towards our innovation model.
  • DDis are expected to directly engage 200 students through a variety of programming options including, but not limited to: recruiting and developing a Dream Team and Future Fellows, training of students & faculty, mentoring project-building cycles, coaching students 1:1, hosting school-wide/city events, and much more.
  • DDis create school-wide projects that address a significant pain point that is preventing young people from accessing their possibility.  The projects must enroll other young people, the principal, faculty and the local community to powerfully solve this problem.

Team Routine Participation

  • DDis participate in a variety of regular learning routines, including, but not limited to: weekly 1:1s with their Chief and Inventor; weekly city team meetings; weekly data collection; quarterly innovation retreats; quarterly city team retreats; and our summer Dream Academy training.
  • DDis must fulfil mandatory operations and administrative duties, including, but not limited to: budgeting and expensing, using Google suite software to document work and participate in virtual team meetings; submission of personal and school-centered agreements, inventory assessment, employee engagement surveys and interviews, role-specific trainings, as well as any and all accountabilities as defined in The Gift (the TFP employee manual).

Product Testing

  • DDis are the leaders in testing new workshops, activities, tools, and software in their schools with students and getting their feedback.
  • DDis work with the Innovation team to share their learnings & insights on the development of new tools & products.    

Data Collection

  • DDis are responsible for regularly collecting data about their work and their student progress, as well as helping develop and pilot new innovation data collection tools.
  • DDis support the development of the model and our innovation team learning through the completion of quarterly reports, impact reports, the School Genius Guide, surveys, and interviews.

Team Collaboration & Communication

  • This DDi position has the unique opportunity (the only TFP school with 2 Dream Directors!) to work closely with another DDi in the school - which requires a mindset of true collaboration & partnership.   
  • DDis are the official representatives of TFP in the school and larger community and must have the skills to powerfully connect with young people and to build trusting relationships with the school leadership.  
  • DDis are expected to regularly communicate with the principal and school leadership regarding TFP and student-led projects and programming.

Applicants should apply no later than Friday, March 9; applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so we highly recommend applying early.

DDi’s will receive a starting salary of $50,000 and a full benefits package.  

The Future Project  is committed to a policy of Equal Employment Opportunity and will not discriminate against an applicant or employee on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, alienage or citizenship status, ancestry, nationality, national origin, marital or domestic partnership or civil union status, familial status, sex, pregnancy, or gender.


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